High Frontier version 0.23

Today we released version 0.23 of the High Frontier video game!


This one took a while, as we had to build a lot of new infrastructure, including map overlays for showing things like crime rate and fire hazard; event pointers that always point in the shortest direction of an occurrence; and animated police cruisers that fly by actually pivoting the four rotors as needed to pilot each craft!

But it’s worth it, because the result is a game that’s noticeably more fun to play.  Now, when in city mode, you don’t just lay some paths and zones and watch your city grow.  You are instead an active participant, dispatching emergency services where needed and clearing out burned-out buildings so new ones can rise in their place.

As always, please head on over to the forums to discuss this new release more, or whatever else is on your mind.  We’d love to hear from you!


New Worlds 2015 Conference

There is a space conference called “New Worlds 2015” happening in Austin on October 16-17.  From the website:

This year the New Worlds Institute presents its inaugural annual space conference and celebration.  Featuring top level academic sessions on such topics as space habitats, resources, transportation systems and international policy, New Worlds brings together the best of the best when it comes to those setting our course towards the Moon, Mars and the Free Space between worlds, from NASA to commercial New Space companies. In parallel, specialized workshops and a cutting-edge student design competition and educational program will create a fully rounded experience that can speak to and inspire people of all types and all generations.

Unlike any other space conference ever, New Worlds, while built on a foundation of hard-core science and engineering, is also a celebration. Including art and music with diverse events ranging from a black tie gala celebrating the giants on whose shoulders we stand and recognizing those educating the next generation to an electronic dance festival that will inspire the next generation. It creates a platform for the heroes and experts who got us where we are today in space to inspire new ideas and concepts in the minds of those who will disrupt today’s conception of what tomorrow can be.

I’ll be giving a talk at the session on Colonies in Free Space, hosted by Al Globus.  This is a great opportunity to explain to people how life on the high frontier could actually work!  We will be in amazing company too, which speakers like Jeff Greason of XCOR Aerospace, Dallas Bienhoff of Boeing, Rick Tumlinson of Space Frontier Foundation and Deep Space Industries, John Lewis (author of Mining the Sky), renowned space artists Pat Rawlings and Don Davis, and many more.

Registration starts at just $15/day for students.  It looks like it’s going to be an amazing couple of days — I hope you can make it!