STEM on the High Frontier

We’ve just prepared a little white paper on the benefits of High Frontier for STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) education.

There are substantially more and better paying jobs in STEM fields than in non-STEM fields, but only about a fourth of high school freshmen express any interest in STEM fields, and half of those change their minds by the time they graduate.  What kids do have an interest in, though, is video games: 97% of teenagers in the U.S. play them.

So, this is a great fit — a video game that’s fun to play, and, by the way, also happens to have you doing real engineering and problem-solving in a high-tech area.  Read the paper for more!

And then please, go support our KickStarter campaign!


High Frontier KickStarter

If you follow this blog, you know that we’ve already pretty much finished the Design and Build phases of the game, but in Manage mode, we have only the external view.  We’ve been working (in separate prototypes) on the internal city view — where you can go inside your colony and manage your city in detail.

Well, just yesterday, we launched our KickStarter campaign to support that phase of development!

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