Sticking Points in High Frontier?

For our next release, we’ve already got a couple of fun new features done (like this, and this).  But a very important part of version 0.24 is: we want to smooth out the sticking points.

We know people are playing High Frontier.  But we have reason to suspect that most people aren’t getting very far.  (Nobody’s yet complained about the solar system ending at Mars, for example.)

We’re aware of some of the sticking points — for example, new players often don’t realize that they need to lay down some paths, and paint a nice mix of zones next to them, before buildings can appear.  But there are probably other sticking points we haven’t thought of.  High Frontier is a complex game, but we’ve been playing it so long that it all seems obvious to us (even when it isn’t!).

So: please give the latest version a try (download a demo here if you’re not yet a supporter), and let us know where you got stuck!  If you are forced to stop playing only because of family members/work/school demanding your attention, that’s great!  But if you stop for any other reason, please let us know (1) where you stopped, and (2) why.  This could be anything from “I got frustrated trying to snap parts together the way I wanted in design mode” to “I got bored watching my city grow,” but is most likely something like “I didn’t know what to do next at this point.”

Whatever it is, please tell us, so we can make it better.  You can post your observations on the forums, or comment on this blog post, send email, whatever works.  We really want your feedback!  High Frontier is now within sight of the finish line, and it’s time to polish it up and make sure that people have fun from start to end.


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