High Frontier version 0.18

We have just posted version 0.18 of High Frontier!

This latest & greatest version of the High Frontier video game sports a bunch of new features.  See how many of them you can spot in the screenshot below!

We’re talking structural tubes, shell materials, analysis for any orbit, XYZ axis indicator… and those are just the things visible at one time!

We also spent over a week getting set up to properly code-sign the game itself.  Code signing is one of those annoying things that nobody enjoys, but it has to be done, otherwise Mac and Windows gets all nervous and claims that the file is dangerous.  On Windows, we even took it one farther and added a standard installer that guides you through the installation process.  So, there should be no more hurdles for players who just want to play the game.

As always, if you’re still just High Frontier “curious,” then you can download the latest demo here.  If you’ve already bought High Frontier (or were one of our KickStarter supporters), then thank you!  You should have already received an email explaining how to get the latest.

Check out the road map to see where we’re going, and the release notes to see where we’ve been!  And please stop by the forum and say hello.  We look forward to seeing what you create!


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