High Frontier version 0.17

We’re delighted to announce the release of version 0.17 of the High Frontier video game!

Torus space station with large primary mirror, and transport craft approaching to dock.This release took all of July, plus a little more, because we were adding two big new features.

First, we added a lighting model.  You can now choose electric lights or windows (or no lighting at all, if you are a vampire or something).  If you choose windows, you can then reflect light into the habitat via a new habitat part: the mirror.  that’s the big disc-shaped thing you see in the pictures above and below.  You can combine this in all sorts of interesting ways; as long as there is a clear path from the mirror to the windows (or secondary mirrors) on your habitat part, you’re good!

A four-barbell space colony with a large primary mirror, and a transport ship approaching to dock.In design mode, the Analysis tab now shows the light level for the selected habitat part.  If it’s at 100%, then your habitat is fully lit, and things will look as they always have.  But if you build a more dimly lit — or outright dark — colony, then you will probably want to sprinkle a few lamp posts around, so your residents can see where they’re going.

Internal view of dimly-lit cylindrical space colony, with lamp posts

Second, we added a water cycle.  New building types (Water Treatment Plant and Dehumidifier) supply clean water to other buildings that need it.  So if you see a blinking water icon, like the one below, then you know you need to build more of those!

We made some other minor enhancements too, like the ability to plop down a municipal building (such as a lamp post!) multiple times by holding the Shift key.

Check out the new build at HighFrontier.com, and remember to join the discussion on the forums!

Toroidal space colony, backlit with the sun flaring just over the edge of the primary mirror, and the Earth nearby on the right.


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