High Frontier version 0.26!

Version 0.26 of the High Frontier video game is now available!


This is a “spit & polish” release that includes a long list of enhancements:

  • Reduced the frequency of disasters (crime, fire). [#211]
  • Reworked part attachment and detachment in Design mode. It should be much easier now to edit your designs. [#213]
  • Improved the default locations chosen for parts when you click a part button in Design mode. [#214]
  • Analysis/Support tab now shows the net power and temperature for the whole colony, even when you have a part selected. [#215]
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem in the credits. [#209]
  • Removed the Unity configuration dialog that sometimes appeared on launch. [#210]
  • Fixed and updated the application icon. [#212]
  • Advisor now refrains from advising you to demolish a building that’s still under construction. [#216]
  • Advisor gives more useful advice on how to complete a path (by double-clicking or pressing Return). [#221]
  • Switching to another mode while laying a path now correctly cancels that path. [#221]
  • Advisor panel now closes automatically (once you demonstrate the advised feature) if it opened by itself. [#222]
  • Residents now complain more strenuously about temperatures below -50°C; also, plants turn brown below freezing. [#223]
  • Fixed a problem with code signing of the Mac builds that caused “This application is from an unknown developer” warnings. [#225]

We’re getting within sight of a game we can call finished, and we’re proud to be polishing off all these small rough spots.  We’re not done yet, though — we still have a lot of neat things on our to-do list (cough sailboats cough), and we’ll keep working hard to make High Frontier not only the world’s most accurate and detailed space colony simulator, but also a game that you’ll love to play for hours on end.

Visit the High Frontier home page to learn more, and please remember to stop by the forums and say hello!



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