High Frontier Discussion Forums

We’ve had users asking for a place to discuss High Frontier since the days of the KickStarter.  So we finally rolled up our sleeves, selected a forum package, and got it set up.  You can access it at http://HighFrontier.com/forum, or by clicking the “Forum” link at the top of the High Frontier home page.

Discussion is organized into a number of different categories and forums so you can easily find the topics that interest you.  The “Dev Log” forum might be particularly noteworthy, as we’ll be posting frequent updates there that don’t seem big enough to merit a blog post here, but nonetheless give you the inside scoop on new features as they develop.

Please click the image above to have a look around, then use the Register link to create yourself an account, and join in the discussion!  The Welcome forum is a great place to introduce yourself.  Don’t be shy!


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