High Frontier version 0.19

We’ve just released version 0.19 of the High Frontier video game.  This release is the first to make areas outside cislunar space available for settlement.

In this version you can build around Mercury, Venus, or Mars, as well as the Earth/Moon orbits available previously.

Full release notes are, as always, available on the wiki.

For the next few releases, we’re going to be tweaking our road map a bit.  Originally we weren’t planning to add “career mode” until version 0.25.  Career mode is where High Frontier will really shine as a game, and not just the world’s best space settlement simulator.  But we think people are getting tired of waiting; they want to play now!  Or as close to “now” as we can get.

So, we’re going to rearrange some things and get started on career mode in version 0.20.  Sandbox mode will still be available for those who want to do serious design work, but for most of us, it will will be game on!


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