High Frontier version 0.13

We are pleased to announce the release of High Frontier version 0.13!

v13This is the first version of the game to have buildings automatically appear in the zones you define.  They orient themselves towards a nearby pathway, and correctly avoid overlapping themselves or any path.

We currently have five residential and three commercial buildings.  All are low-density buildings at this point, so although this release also allows you to define low, medium, and high-density areas, zone density is ignored at this point.  We also don’t have any agricultural buildings yet.  Frankly, the artwork is taking much longer than expected — but we’d rather have good quality than hurried work.


Version 0.13 also includes three types of municipal buildings: police station, fire station, and colony hall.  You place these manually, rotating them however you like using (by default) the 9 and 0 keys.

It also sports some other fixes and enhancements, including a custom musical score in Design mode that adapts to the current state of your design.  Check out the Release Notes for the full list of changes.

The buildings are not yet connected to the population simulation, so that will be high on our to-do list now.  We’ll start with a simple supply and demand model that figures out how much of each zone type (and density) is needed, and factors in accessibility to other services to calculate the value of each plot of land.  We’ll also, of course, be adding lots more buildings.

Finally, since you’re sharp enough to read this blog, we’ll leave you with this little teaser of things to come.

PoliceCruiserEnjoy High Frontier!  And if you have any questions or comments, please use the form below.


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