High Frontier version 0.08

We’ve just released version 0.08 of High Frontier, which adds a bunch of new parts for your colony: solar panels, power plant, radiators (including “skirt” style), docking bay, and communications dish.  These are currently cosmetic, but will start impacting the simulation soon.

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First Peek at Internal View

We’ve started prototyping the internal colony management mode for the High Frontier video game.  This is where you’ll actually go inside the colony you’ve designed, and help the residents lay out roads, parks, public works, etc.  (Building houses and commercial buildings will be up to them.)

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Energy Loss Makes Colonies Tumble

It’s been a long few weeks.

Since we first announced High Frontier, we’ve been releasing new versions about once a week.  After version 0.05 was released on July 24th, we expected version 0.06 to come out around the end of July.  All we had to do was implement rotational dynamics, so we could have realistic spinning (or tumbling) of your colonies in space. Continue reading