State of the Game

Welcome to the High Frontier blog!

This blog will chronicle our progress, challenges, solutions, feedback, and other adventures down the road to the world’s best space colony simulation game.

High Frontier Title Screen

So, where are we now?  We released the fifth update to the game (version 0.05) last week.  The game is off to a good solid start, with a feature list that includes:

  • all major habitat part shapes (including cylinders with endcaps of arbitrary curvature)
  • rotating bearings
  • accurate calculation of mass, radiation, and artificial gravity
  • title screen including logo, animated background, and theme song
  • resident simulation including immigration, emigration, and commentary
  • Twitter feed tied into the main menu “Squawker” feed (use hashtag #HighFrontier)

High Frontier Manage Mode High Frontier Design Mode

And of course, right after version 0.04, we made this promo video:

High Frontier is already a research-quality space habitat simulator with a large parameter space to explore.  But there is still a lot more to do, as you can see on our Roadmap.

Currently, we’re working on accurate simulation of rotational stability, which is an important (but often overlooked) aspect of colony design.  That has turned out to be an interesting adventure in itself… but we’ll document that in a separate blog post!

We love feedback from users, or potential users, so please use the comment form below to let us know what you think!



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