High Frontier version 0.10.1

We rarely do this — in fact, I don’t think we’ve ever done it before — but we decided to post a maintenance release, containing just a handful of bug fixes.

This is rare partly because we haven’t let a lot of bugs slip out the door in the first place, and partly because we have been doing a major release every couple of weeks, until this month.  This month we’re pretty focused on two things: the internal colony simulation — which is a major new piece of the game — and the KickStarter campaign, which is quite a lot of work in itself.

But anyway, version 0.10.1 is now available at the High Frontier home page

If you have already bought High Frontier, you know how to get the update.  If not, then here’s another first: me suggesting you don’t buy our game.  Instead, watch for the KickStarter, which should be out in the next week or two.  At that point you’ll be able to get the game for half price, or get any number of cool rewards, like having one of the colony ships named after you!

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