Creating Mods for High Frontier

Version 0.10 of High Frontier added support for “mods” — modifications that can be created, shared, and installed by players to change the behavior of a game.  We promised a few more words about that… so here we go!

First, we decided early on to support mods in High Frontier as much as possible.  That’s why we added them now, while the game is still in the very early stages of development, rather than trying to tack them on later.

However, earlier versions of High Frontier used the native binary file format that’s built into the .NET framework.  This turned out to be an unfortunate choice.  It was expedient, but fragile; it happened at least once that we added or changed something in the way colonies are represented, and older files became completely unreadable.  It’s possible to work around this, but doing so is difficult and expensive — that is, no longer expedient at all.

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First Traffic Simulation

We’ve begun early prototyping work for the internal colony management.  You can see one of our early graphics tests here.  But this week, we’re thinking mainly about the city simulation itself.

The growth of a city is primarily a function of demand for housing, jobs, and services; and transportation of people and goods.  Transportation will be especially interesting in High Frontier because available land is constrained, but we have lots of options to choose from.  Roads will certainly be possible, but we’ll also have things like monorails, moving walkways, and good old-fashioned walking or biking. Continue reading

First Peek at Internal View

We’ve started prototyping the internal colony management mode for the High Frontier video game.  This is where you’ll actually go inside the colony you’ve designed, and help the residents lay out roads, parks, public works, etc.  (Building houses and commercial buildings will be up to them.)

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Energy Loss Makes Colonies Tumble

It’s been a long few weeks.

Since we first announced High Frontier, we’ve been releasing new versions about once a week.  After version 0.05 was released on July 24th, we expected version 0.06 to come out around the end of July.  All we had to do was implement rotational dynamics, so we could have realistic spinning (or tumbling) of your colonies in space. Continue reading